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Sabatier Postcards

1995 6 cards each stamped with the scene it portrays from La Fontaine's fables. R. & C. Sabatier in the larger format of a post card. $19.50 from Alexandre Prozopiorski, Lyon, July, '99. And a version of GA signed by Sabatier for $4 from Topical Paradise, July, '16.

The more I see of these designs, the more I like them. They play with the fables. As far as I can tell, there is little or no difference from the stamps themselves. The result is that one can see here in larger scale what happens on the smaller stamp. "La Cigale et la Fourmi" has the grasshopper playing an accordion and a tambourine. "La Grenouille qui se veut fair aussi grosse que le Boef" manages to present the nose-holding frog as being as big as the steer in the background. "Le Loup et l'Agneau" is one of the best; the wolf leers at the lamb, but as a reflection seen by the lamb in the water. "Le Corbeau et le Renard" gives the fox a violin. "Le Chat, la Belette et le petit Lapin" shows a cat already licking his chops as he holds a scale with one of the contestants in each pan. "Le Lièvre et la Tortue" shows the tortoise breaking the finish-line tape while the hare chases a butterfly with a net.

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"Le Chat, la Belette et le petit Lapin"

"La Cigale et la Fourmi"

"La Cigale et la Fourmi" (signed by Sabatier)

"Le Corbeau et le Renard"

"La Grenouille qui se veut fair aussi grosse que le Boef"

"Le Lièvre et la Tortue"

"Le Loup et l'Agneau"