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Stamp Cartoon Envelopes

1995 6 small envelopes, each featuring in its upper left corner a cartoon in the same style as the stamp but showing a different scene. Its stamp is then from the same fable in the series of La Fontaine fable stamps issued on June 24, 1995. All are postmarked on that day, and each envelope is noted as "Premier Jour d'Émission." On the back of each envelope is La Fontaine's fable and acknowledgement of Claudine and Roland Sabatier as the creators of both the stamp and the illustration on the envelope. $24 from Loic Marchat, Villeurbanne, France, Sept., '04.

Now here is yet another incarnation of the designs of this series. Here the stamps' artists create another scene from the same fable in the same style as the stamp that they created. The tortoise checking his watch as he goes is especially cute. FC's scene seems to be a daylight counterpart to the stamp's night-time scene. The grasshopper in this series comes off as not just an artist but a weirdo!

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Le Chat, la Belette et le Petit Lapin