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2010? Philatelic Rabier Souvenirs

2010?  Five postal souvenirs of the Fables of de La Fontaine, each with a perforated section to be removed from the surrounding image.  GA; FG; CJ; “The Worker and His Children”; “The Snake and the File.”  Benjamin Rabier.   About 5.5" x 7".  $5 each from Bertrand Cocq, Calonne-Ricouart, France, Sept., ’20.

I believe I have never seen something like this.  And I can find no exemplars on the web.  The reprinting of Rabier’s pages is exquisite; it is of the sort one would expect from the makers of postage stamps.  The choice of the portion perfectly circumscribed with perforation is fascinating, as when CJ focuses on the bumpkin ready to sell his valuable book.  Similarly, “The Worker and His Children” focuses on a sickle ready to be wielded in bringing in the bumper crop.  Some searching on the web revealed other such philatelic productions, particularly in France.  The “stamps” generated here have apparently no value for the posting of a letter.  Curious!