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2021 Magyar Posta

2021  Souvenir Sheet from Hungary of four stamps commemorating the 400th birth anniversary of Jean de La Fontaine.  $4.99 from Siew Lee Wong through Ebay, May, '22.

The artist here offers five strong and even idiosyncratic interpretations of well known fables.  Outside of the four stamps themselves there are the fox and crow with a sign commemorating the French fabulist.  TMCM and WC seem quite traditional.  The grasshopper is having a gay old time while the ant labors.  Does the fourth stamp present OF or "The Frogs and the Bulls"?  That is, does the right frog demonstrate fear with his arms up, or is he indicating the size of a bull?

2021 FDC Envelope from the Hungarian Post Office featuring the four commemorative stamps and a cameo of La Fontaine.  $13.77 from empirefondation1965 through Ebay, Dec., '21.

The cancellation mark is a crow with a piece of cheese in his beak.  Clever!  The return address clearly marks this envelope as an FDC.  As mentioned above, there is some creativity at work in these stamps' images!