2017 "Arama" card of three stamps (2 of each) with a cover "Parables of the Sages."  ID 026724.  "The Fox in the Vineyard," "The Reed and the Cedar," and "The Lion and the Heron."  $21 from Joshua Jacobovits, Shiloh, Israel, through eBay, July, '17.

The card is a booklet, perhaps meant for stamp collectors.  The three stamps FG, OR, and WS, with some slightly different names and animals are worth 4.10 each.  A curious feature is that the script on the stamps is 90 degrees different from the orientation of the image. 

It turns out that the issuing of these stamps was more complex.  I found that there are alternative versions of each of the three stamps as well as a background sheet giving perhaps a larger sense of each narrative.  $38.90 from csts-trade on eBay, July, '18.


I also learned that there is a "Postal Service Bulletin" presenting this series of stamps.  It was offered together with an FDC envelope of the three stamps by csts-trade on eBay, July, '18.  It puts the parable teller underneath a tree with a book and offers both versions of each stamp.