Macau China

2018  Macau China set of four by four stamps of "Fables and Classic Stories," including BW and "The Emperor's New Clothes."  $14.99 from starlightcity99 through Ebay, Oct., '18  Combination stamp picturing all four individual stories for 3.99 from W4 Stamps and Collectables, Falmouth, UK, May, '20.  Extra of one strip and of the combination stamp from Chan Yue Kong, Hong Kong, perhaps in March, '19.

The additional two tales are "The Happy Prince" and "Red Riding Hood."  I recognized "The Emperor's New Clothes" readily but was surprised by the creative presentation of BW.  A little research online showed that there is a combined sheet with just one usable stamp in the middle, which I have just ordered.  As so often in stamps, so here: the detail of the artistry is excellent!  I offer here close-up views of the two fable stamps -- and now of the combined sheet I ordered earlier..