1990 Set of ten "Maldives" postage stamps . Mint. Issued Dec. 11, 1990. Scott Numbers 1466-73 and 1474-5. The art is clearly that of Walt Disney Studios. Purchased for $6.87 and $7.50 for the respective sets from Bulldog Stamps, Bethesda, March, '92. Two extra sets (and one further extra of MSA) for $36.49 from Bulldog, March, '92. And an FDC envelope featuring Minnie Mouse for 1.75 from John O'Brien through eBay, March, '04.

First, there is a set of two stamps embedded in larger sheets about 4" x 5". These sheets take a playful Disneyesque approach to the fables. Huey, Duey, and Luey can make fun of Mickey and his partner as they carry an ass across the bridge. Goofy can criticize the Scrooge miser who has lost his buried gold. The stamp portion of this sheet centers well on the miser's misery. I gather that some stamps and some formats of stamps are made mostly for collectors. These two pieces seem to fall into that category. Click on either sheet to see it enlarged.

1474: MSA(Rf 20)

1475: "The Miser's Gold" (Rf 20)

Secondly, there is a set of eight more routinely sized stamps, about 1" x 2". Again, these stamps play with the fables as traditional Disney characters take over the stories' roles. Thus the fox charming the crow has a guitar to help him accompany this singer. Donald and Mickey are the two travellers who encounter the bear. Pluto is the dog in the manger. A prize from me goes to the illustration of BC, which brilliantly frames the cat's eyes, claws, and mouth with the archway of the mouse hole.

1466: TH (15 L)

1467: TMCM (50 L, marked "Fables Aesop's")

1468: FC (Rf 1)

1469: TB (Rf 3.50)

1470: "The Fox and the Lion" (Rf 4)

1471: "The Mice Meeting" (Rf 6)

1472: "The Fox and the Goat" (Rf 10)

1473: DM (Rf 12)

Thirdly, there is an FDC envelope, marked "First Day of Issue" and "Aesop's Fables," featuring four of the stamps and a red-and-black illustration of Minnie Mouse reading to two little mice. All three mice are in nightgowns. Disney. Does the existence of this FDC envelope using four of the stamps suggest that there is another or that there are others in a series of such FDC envelopes, perhaps using other of the eight stamps? Click on the envelope to see it enlarged.

FDC Envelope