1969 One "I.A. Krilov" Russian stamp and cover with a rare special cancellation on Feb. 13, '59, the two hundredth anniversary of Krylov's birth. $2.25 from Vladislav Pronin, Brooklyn, through Ebay, March, '99. Extra copy for $.95 from Edward Bubis, Ipswich, MA, Sept., '00.  One further extra.

The stamp itself shows a colored head-and-shoulders portrait of Krylov and gives his dates (1769-1844). The envelope shows the full statue of him standing with arms crossed behind his back. My, the things one finds on Ebay!

Click on the envelope to see it full-size.

1969  Individual Russian stamp of Ivan Krylov commemorating his birth in 1769.  4 rubles.  From James Reinhold, Palm Springs, CA, through eBay, Jan, '11.

Mint condition, beautiful coloring.


1978  Russian envelope picturing statue of Krylov seated.  Unknown source, before July, '21.

The artistry around the Krylov estatue -- in tan and red -- is lovely.  The envelope apparently came already stamped.  Its glue is or was so good that it seems permanently sealed.  I trust that there are no valuables inside!


1983  Russian cover with original stamp dedicated to Ivan A. Krylov.  $5 from Vladislav Pronin, Brooklyn, through Ebay, Oct., '99.

The printed stamp shows animals around the name of Krylov and notes that it is 225 years since Krylov's birth in 1769.  The value of the stamp is 5 Kopeks.  On the left of the envelope is a lovely colored oval bust portrait of Krylov.

Click on the envelope to see it full-size.

1995? Two Russian postage stickers to indicate fast or slow delivery using both a hare and a tortoise.  From Michael Petoukhov, Moscow, through eBay.  Sept, '09.

The "tortoise" sticker is about 2" by " while the "hare" is about 2" by ".  My, but these stories get around!  Click on either sticker to see a bigger version.

2017   Bottom strip of four "Literature Heritage of Russia Fables" stamps.  35p apiece.  FG, TH, CJ, and WC.  $4.23 from VarGur Stamps through eBay, April, '18.

Here is a lively set of large, colorful stamps.  The author of each is different: I.A. Krylov for the first and C.B. Mychalkov for the second.  The third seems to be by a B.K. Treduakovsky, and the fourth by A.P. Cymarikov. 


2017 Full 4x3 sheet of four "Literature Heritage of Russia Fables" stamps.  35p apiece.  FG, TH, CJ, and WC.  $14.30 from Alexander Tanakin, Moscow, through eBay, July, '18. 

I think I know the particular value for philatelists of having a full sheet of a given stamp or series of stamps.  I am not sure what it adds to produce the same stamps in staggered rows.  This format gives Russians a chance to see the title in their own language and in English.