2014 Four Serbian stamps.  Decia Marka.  DS (23), FC (35), CJ (46), and "The Tortoise and the Eagle" (70).  "Basne."  Apparently the art work is done, two by J.J. Vlahovic and two by M. Pachovich.  Scott 680-683.  Multiple copies from several vendors, including 3x3 sets of all four from Prvoslav Jahkovic, Krusevac, Serbia for $35.96 in September, '14; individual stamps from Michael S. Kott, Schaumburg, IL, for $3.25, April, '16; and strips from for $16.22, Sept., '15. 

Four lovely images.  Great color work, especially on FC and CJ!  I had not known that a unit of stamps for collectors is the sort of 3 x 3 square that we find several times here.  I remain amazed at how many countries have found their way to including fables in stamps.  There is no indication here that these four basic stories came to Serbia through La Fontaine or through Krylov.





Tortoise and Eagle