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German Red & Grey

1920? Coordinated set of nine tin tableware implements. German? $80 from Claudia and Waltraud Pressler, Ellhofen, Germany, Sept., '01.

There is even a strainer to hang on the wall rack. The set, with a grey background, features three motifs in red-and-black coloring:

  • TH: The hare reads the paper while the tortoise trudges by.
  • FC: The crow in a tree holds a large cheese suspended above the fox's mouth.
  • FS: The fox raises a paw to a tall bottle in which the stork has his beak.
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FC Platform TH Large Round Platter
2" square 4" in diameter
TH Wall Rack FC Small Plate (x3)
4" x 6" 3" in diameter
FS Small Plate TH Small Plate (x2)
3" in diameter 3" in diameter