1982?  "Mr. Fables Family Restaurants" travel mug.  Grand Rapids, MI.  Whirley Industries.  Suitable for dashboard use. $16 from anythingeverythingandmo through Ebay, Oct., '22.

There is a sticky adhesive patch on the separate red bottom-piece to hold it onto the dashboard of a car or truck, and then one can slide the mug into this holder.  The seller emphasizes that "This is an extremely collectible Mr Fables travel mug, and probably quite rare in its unused condition."  See also the sets of gift certificates from Mr. Fables restaurants.



2010?  "The Over-Fed Fox" coffee mug.  Featuring Gallaher Cigarette Card #24.  $18.97 from EclecticRetroBazaar on Etsy, Jan., '23.

I am encouraged.  I recognized the image immediately and thought it might be from the Gallaher horizontal set.  Here it is!  My curious mind wonders what brings an artist to select a particular image or fable from the great array that is out there.