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1979 Hoffman pitcher depicting GGE. 3" diameter base, 5" diameter at its broadest, 4" diameter at its top. 6" in height. $18 from Linda Crisafulli, Long Beach, CA, through Ebay, June, '01.

The scene depicted here is exactly the same as that which one finds on the whiskey decanter done by Hoffman at about the same time. The text of the fable is on the opposite side of the pitcher.

1980? Noritake figural pitcher ornamented with fox and grapes.  7" high at the top of the handle and about 6" wide at the widest portion of the base.  $9.99 from Victoria Green, Bloomfield, Hills, MI, through eBay, Oct., '08.

"Made expressly for Noritake in China."  Strong maroon, green, and brown colors against a white background.  The fox lies around the front of the pitcher's base, while the grapes hang down from the point at which the handle connects with the top of the pitcher.  The seller aptly describes the pitcher as a holiday pitcher, especially because of the festive ribbon around the pitcher's neck.  The fox is skillfully added to the front of the pitcher.  I presume the pitcher is meant for pouring wine: the guests get some, but the fox, quite alert, is still thirsty!


1985? Fox and stork Aesop's fables jug.  NY: Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Glazed earthenware.  Hand-painted.  About 6" long, 4" wide, and 4" high.  $35 from dmed7 on Ebay, July, '21.

I am so happy to see an artist and a museum using FS for a household item -- and using it so successfully!  The snout of the fox as spout and the neck of the stork as handle are both ingenious!  The accompanying paperwork describes this "jug" as based on a sauceboat about 1770-80 in England.