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Creil and Montereau Lebeuf Milliet

1890?  Nine Creil & Montereau plates.  Lebeuf Milliet (Mujjet?).  Porcelaine Opaque.  Illustrating named fables of La Fontaine.  160 from Stéphane Lavalley, Feb., '22.

I think I recognize these illustrations of La Fontaine, particularly TH and GA, but I cannot name the artist.  The outer circular frame and dentils just inside them remain the same throughout the series.  How many might the series include?  Lebeuf and Milliet became owners of the faience works in Creil and Montereau in the mid 1800's.  The seal on the back of each plate proclaims the gold medals won in 1834, 1839, and 1844.


Two Servant Girls


La Fille



Wolf, Mother, and Infant

Wolf and Hunter

Crow, Gazelle, Tortoise, and Mouse

Oyster and Litigants