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Epinal de Pellerin

Images d'Épinal de Pellerin

Besides the plate done by the "Societé Francaise de Porcelaine," which features TH, I have a set of Épinal plates just over 8" in diameter and a single plate an inch larger depicting FC. 1980?Six plates of La Fontaine's fables using images of Épinal de Pellerin. $36 from Mrs. Jack B. Frymire of Elkhorn, WI, through eBay, Sept., '05. These plates measure just over 8" in diameter.The Épinal coloring is typically brilliant! The six plates include "Le Héron," "Le Petit Poisson et le Pecheur," OF, TH, LM, and FC.What a lucky find! Click on any plate to see a larger version.


Le Héron



Le Petit Poisson et le Pêcheur


1980?A plate of La Fontaine's FC using an images by Épinal de Pellerin. £4.99 from Mr. and Mrs. C. Protheroe, Cwmbran, Gwent, UK, through eBay, Oct., '05. This plate measures just over 9" in diameter.It lacks the green stripe around the edge of the smaller plates. The Épinal coloring is again brilliant! The match of color to the black outlines is superior here to the parallel image of FC on the smaller plates. Click on the image to see a larger version.