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G.D. Paris

G.D. Paris

1900? 10 China plates.  Robert Salles (?).  Paris: G.D.  $120 through Norsk European Wholesale Warehouse, Colnbrook, UK, Jan., '14.  Extra exemplar of "L'Huitre et les Plaideurs"for  $11.50 from Maureen Reese, Fleetville, PA, through eBay, Dec., '03. 

Ms Reese guesses a date in the late 1800's or early 1900's for these lovely plates.  She describes the piece as a vintage porcelain/ceramic plate measuring about 8¼" in diameter.  There is a painted pink rim with an embossed floral design.  In each plate's center is a fine colored depiction of a fable scene.  Lovely hues -- maroon, tan, yellow, blue, flesh, and green -- color the scenes nicely.  The fable texts are arranged in unusual fashion.  They are divided into sections and appear at various places on various plates.  The artist's signature is, as Ms. Reese notes, quite difficult to decipher.  "Robert" seems clear, but the last name is presented in such an affected style that it is hard to decipher.  The back has one or two apparent registry marks besides the "G.D. Paris" stamp.  Several plates have clear numbers between "1" and "10" but on others, if they exist, they are hard to find.  A lovely set!

The Wolf Become a Shepherd

The Small Fish and the Angler

The Acorn and the Pumpkin

The Oyster and the Litigants

The Laborer and His Sons

The Ass and the Lapdog