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Hautin Boulenger of Choisy-le-Roi

1910? Seven "talking plates" by Hautin Boulenger & Cie, in Choisy-le-Roi, France, featuring illustrations of fables of La Fontaine. 7¾" in diameter. €8 each from Jobey Antique Shop, Normandie, France, through Ebay, Oct., '20. Four further plates from artdelatable50 through Ebay for €46, Jan., '22.

The blue illustrations inside a black floral-animal circular frame on these crème colored plates are adventuresome "translations" of the fables into human situations and events. Some of the human scenes depicted here are hard for me to decipher.  Is the dog's plight in DW that he lives in a spare room in the attic?  Is the promenading wife in FG looking down on others she could have married?  Has the hookah-smoker taken over a whole room in his host's house?  Will the child bothering the "Lion" like a mosquito soon run into the police?  Does the "stag" stepping off the curb into water misunderstand what is good and what is bad for him?  Is there anything more to WL than an ugly attack on the street?

1. Lion and Mosquito

 2. Fox and Bust

3. Weasel in a Granary

4. DW

5. WL


 6. GA


 7. FG

 8. Bitch and Companions

9. Donkey and Lapdog

 10. Stag at the Pool

12 FC