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1950? 11 French plates featuring La Fontaine fable scenes produced in Longwy, France. Each is 7¾" in diameter. Backs of the plates include one or all of these three elements: an ink stamp of the Longwy name and coat of arms (apparently a berry branch under a crown); an imprinted mark; and a stamped number (5 or 8). There is one extra of WC. 1500 Francs from Jacques Chesnais at Marché Vernaison in Clignancourt, August, '99.

Each plate has a green line inside an undulating outer edge. At the point of indentation an 1¼" into the plate there is a simple black line. Once the plate reaches its lowest level, a repeated pattern of thin and thick blocks forms a circle around the fable scene. This is done in about five strong colors: brown, tan, blue, green, red, and black. The resulting scenes look like wood inlay and are delightful in their simplicity. Does the mouse in FM wear goggles and a swimsuit? The snail in "The Heron" is particularly charming. I found this set early in the day, made a deal to hold them for the day, and had to visit several money machines to get the cash to buy them! Then I got to carry them on my back for the rest of my travels! It was worth it!




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The Heron

The Cat Disguised as a Bag of Flour

The Mouse, the Rooster, and the Cat

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