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Societe Francaise de Porcelaine

1970? Le Lièvre et la Tortue: Jean de la Fontaine. 7½" white plate with a multi-colored 5½" design of TH. The design is © Images d'Épinal Pellerin. Imprinted on the back is "Societé Francaise de Porcelaine: Creation A Deshoulières, France" followed by a circled "N." $20 from Mary Ellen Kennedy, Larchmont, NY through Ebay, Nov.,' 99. TH Societe Francaise Pellerin.jpg (44874 bytes) This very pretty and active design has the the hare starting up in a cloud of smoke in a desperate effort to catch the tortoise ahead of him. He's clothed in a blouse, sash, trousers (with a hole for his tail), socks and shoes. Green, brown, cream, dark blue, light blue, and scarlet seem to be all the color that this artist needs to make his image work well. The title and author are given in a banner at the bottom of the circular design. There is one small flake on the back. The modern symbol on the back suggests that this plate is either recent or contemporary.