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Salt & Pepper Shakers

After the many things I have found, I guess it should not surprise me that there are salt and pepper shakers based on fables. So far I have found just three sets. I just know that there are others out there somewhere... 1950? "The Fox and the Grapes" salt and pepper shaker set. Apparently made in the U.S.A. Either figure is 3" tall. $24.99 from Beth Warriner, Cocoa, FL, through Ebay, August, '99.

I never thought I would see salt and pepper shakers of this fable! Painted grapes cling to the two forks of a sturdy vine, while the fox seems to hug himself and certainly licks his chops. It is of course unfortunate that the fox here is actually higher than the grapes he seeks! The cork under each shaker is missing. I think I can make out a pencilled price on the bottom of each piece: $1.25 for the pair! One person's trash is another person's treasure!

fgsalt&pepper.jpg (25165 bytes) 1960? Goose and Golden Egg salt and pepper shaker set. Made in Japan. The goose is almost 1½" x 2¾" x almost 2¾" high with three holes at the base of her neck. The egg is almost 1 1/8" high and wide and 1½" long with three holes on the rounded side. $5.50 from Guy Berard, Canton, NY, through Ebay, Feb., '01.

Gold luster glaze on the egg. This is a very large egg for this goose to have produced!

1970? Tortoise and Hare salt and pepper shaker set. Made by New England Ceramics. Tortoise stands 1.5" off the ground, while the standing hare reaches 4". $24 from Cathy Rosenwald, Holland, PA, through Ebay, Feb., '00. Click on the image to see it in larger format.

Cathy writes that this set has been featured in Carey and Tompkins 1003 Shakers and Helene Guarnaccia's Book 3. The original stoppers are still in tact. Although this tortoise seems rather standard, the hare is holding his head in his hand and may be sleeping standing up! The few black markings and the purple ear tips on the hare make for a dramatic figure.

THsp2mini.jpg (23344 bytes) 1977 Tortoise and Hare salt and pepper shaker set. ©FF 1977. Handpainted. The tortoise is 2¾" high with three holes near the top of his back. The hare is 3¼" high with two holes on top of his head. $7.99 from Linn Bruns, Rollingbay, WA, through Ebay, Oct., '00.

There is a clear accent here on cuteness. The front of the feet of both figures are turned up to suggest movement. Click on the image to see it enlarged.

1980? Tortoise and Hare salt and pepper shaker set. Hare 2½" tall with three holes in the top of his head. Tortoise almost 3" tall with two holes at the top of his back. $15.50 from Sandy Hyatt, Coffeyville, KS, through Ebay, Sept., '00.

The two figures have no identifying marks or labels. Neither has a stopper. The color finish of the standing tortoise is particularly rich. This hare neither sleeps nor moves.

1990? Tortoise and Hare salt and pepper shaker set. Apparently made in China by Albert Price Products. $10.51 from Karen Weaver, Canfield, Ohio, through Ebay, April, '99. Extra set for $1.75 from Beverly and John Ledford through Ebay, Sept., '00.

<small>I am delighted to have found these! My MLS fable class immediately declared them cute, and they are right. The grape-colored rabbit, running with one leg upraised, stands 2.5" tall with three holes. He looks back to see if the turtle is catching up with him. The green-and-brown turtle stands 1.5" tall with two holes. Both original corks are present and intact. The coloring is simple, and the two poses are perfect. I suppose the turtle is moving, but you would not know it!</small>