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Berggren Trayner

1960? Four tiles, each marked as "Inspired by 18th Century Aesop's Fable Tiles." 6" x 6". Blue-and-white designs of BW, GGE, LM, and TH. Libertyville, IL: Berggren Trayner Corporation. Designs B-70 through B-73. $21 from Kay Hofman, Floodwood, MN, through Ebay, June, '00.

These tiles show lively modern designs inside a circle with a rope border enclosing four smaller circles at the compass points, with pleasant floral patterns in the corners. The wolf in the first tile has his jaws around the crying boy's leg! The ears are lopped over the sleep hare's head in the last tile. Each tile has felt backing, a cut-out hanger, and label suggesting some of the history of tile work. Each label claims that the tiles are hand screened. The TH tile has a separated corner that has been reattached.

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B-70: BW

B-71: TH

B-72: GGE

B-73: LM