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English Delft

delftfstile4mini.jpg (16744 bytes)1760? One tile, FS, English Liverpool printed delftware tile by John Sadler. Slightly less than 5"x5". $104.01 from Rodney Harmic, Dover, DE, through Ebay, Feb., '00. Click on the image to see a larger version.

Transfer of printed design in black. "88" border. For some reason I find the image slightly hard to read. The stork has his beak in a big demijohn bottle. The fox on hind legs looks almost horse-like! Notice the shadow dish in the foreground. This tile is slightly smaller than nineteenth-century tiles I have found. The lower right corner is broken and repaired, and there are several small semi-circular chips around the front edge. I have kept some border in the scanner image of this tile to show the flaws around the edges. A great find!