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Fève Tiles

2011 Royal Ceram Les Fables de La Fontaine Fèves Ceramique.  Complete set.  Between $3.51 and $4.10 for each of the twelve pieces from Genealogos on Ebay, July, '20.

This is a totally surprising set of miniature tiles.  "Feves" in French are "fava beans," hidden in king cakes.  I am surprised by the number of forms they have taken on.  For fables, at least two forms are important: little figurines of well known fable characters and, in this case, miniature tiles of well known illustrations of La Fontaine's fables.  These illustrations are in fact taken from Pellerin of Epinal, a long-time publisher in brilliant color of La Fontaine's fables.  I was surprised to find this set for sale on Ebay, because I had not been aware of its existence.  I am delighted with it!  It is hard to know where to list it.  I will list it exhaustively under "Tiles" but offer links to it in "feves" and "toys."  Fables keep surprising me!  I will offer here two overall views and then individual tiles.



Lion and Mosquito


Cook and Swan




Fox & Goat




Oyster & Litigants