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Mintons Blue Tiles

1875? Twelve six-inch square tiles. Manufactured by Mintons China Works, Stoke on Trent. Designed by John Moyr Smith. The mark on each back includes "Walbrook, London." All twelve for $480 from Margery Northup through Fran's Estate Sales, Gilbert, AZ, March, 2001. Extra copies of FC and FS for $102.5 from Riverwalk, Hattiesburg, MS, through Ebay, Feb., '00.

These blue tiles surprised me when I first discovered them. I did not know that Minton did blue as well as brown tiles. They are apparently exactly the same in design. Are the patterns here as crisp and clear as on the brown tiles? The titles are read in curious fashion, starting from eleven o'clock and reading toward three o'clock, and then restarting from eight and reading toward four. Do the twelve make up a complete set? Click on any tile to see it enlarged.

mintonapecatchestnuts2mini.jpg (32095 bytes)

MintonsDS2mini.jpg (30641 bytes)

The Ape, the Cat & the Roast Chestnuts

The Dog & His Shadow

mintonbluefc2mini.jpg (34525 bytes)

Mintonfoxgoatinwell2mini.jpg (31377 bytes)

The Fox and the Crow

The Fox & the Goat in the Well

mintonbluefs2bmini.jpg (33750 bytes)

lsjpg2mini.jpg (35420 bytes)

The Fox Dines with the Stork

The Goat, Calf & Sheep in Partnership with the Lion

MintonsTH2mini.jpg (31803 bytes)

Mintons FK2mini.jpg (34008 bytes)

The Hare & the Tortoise Run a Race

King Log & King Stork

Mintons LM2mini.jpg (36656 bytes)

mintontortoiseflybmini.jpg (30015 bytes)

The Lion & the Rat

The Tortoise Which Wished to Learn to Fly

mintonbluewcminijpg5.jpg (34181 bytes)

mintonwljpg2mini.jpg (32016 bytes)

The Wolf & the Crane

The Wolf & the Lamb at the Spring