Lottery Games

I have found four different lottery sets using fables.  Click on a card from each to see the whole set.


1860? "Loto des Fables de LaFontaine." Twenty-four stiff 4" x 7" cards using illustrations after those of J.J. Grandville.


1900? Complete set of twelve lotto cards, each with two La Fontaine fable images, with titles and four lotto numbers each.  150 from Thierry Corcelle, Paris, June, '19.

1900? Partial set of 6 cards similar in format to the above complete set, but with a different numbering system.


1895  "Le Jeu des Fables."  (The game of fables.)  Publisher Leon Saussine.  Complete with 9 cards 7" x 7" and 72 tokens.