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Paper Scenes to Cut Out and Mount

1948  Three paper scenes to cut out and mount.  Sponsored by "Calscorbat enfants a la framboise."  9" x 12".  WL and FS for $8 each from Bertrand Cocq, Sept., '20.  LM for 6 from Mathys2004 through Ebay, Sept., '21.

Apparently three of seven sheets that came in a booklet "J'apprends les Fables de La Fontaine en m'amusant" published by Editions Brunier in 1948.  About five elements have tabs that one places through slots in the elliptical base to make the fable scene.  A text of the fable and instructions for the scene are on the front of each broadside.  Lovely coloring!  I am not sure that the cardstock is quite firm enough to handle young fingers manipulating the tabs.  The nearby farmer in FS and the extra layer for the lion's muzzle are lovely touches!  The pages are identical with those in a book "J'apprends les Fables de La Fontaine en m'amusant."