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Made in China Wooden Picture Puzzles

1970?  La Fontaine's Fables: Jig Saw Picture Puzzle.  3 fables: FC, GA, and WL.  42 pieces.  Heavy cardboard.  WB 197.  About 7" x 8 ".  Made in China.  CFC2020.0150.1-4.  Source?

Three strong and simple images.  The fox's mouth is visibly watering as he flatters the crow.  Both GA and the wolf in WL seem to me to have been "borrowed" from Felix Lorioux or perhaps another popular French artist.  The packaging of these nice puzzles is a little unusual: envelopes inside of a thin cardboard package.  The puzzles themselves seem untouched.  It was relatively easy to get them out of and back into their envelopes.