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Willeb Set of Four La Fontaine Picture Puzzles

1960? Box of 4 "Fables de La Fontaine" cardboard puzzles. TH; FC; GA; and MM. Artist: J. Robion. Willeb Ref. #1748. 12 from lesvieuxbidules through Ebay, Sept., '20.

These are spirited illustrations of fables. The animals about which Perrette dreams are sitting or standing along the path. Both grasshopper and ant are curious mixtures of human and animal. The tortoise is apparently crawling or flopping over the ribbon marking the finish line. The sturdy cardboard puzzles, about 6" x 9", are in excellent condition, perhaps never taken apart. The box itself has suffered more wear. Included are same-sized images of the puzzles' scenes. Since there are four puzzles involved and their pictures are unusual, I have made a separate page for this set, to be found by clicking on the cover image.