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Further Puppets

1993 Lamb Chop puppet. Part of a set including wrapping paper, a greeting card, Lamb Chop's Fables, Lamb Chop's "Sing-Along, Play-Along" cassette, and Lamb Chop's "Jump into the Story" videotape.  ©1993 Shari Lewis Enterprises, Inc. The set cost $39.95 from Time/Life, Inc., Oct., '93. Extra with Lamb Chop's Fables: You Can Do It, Lamb Chop! (1994), $5.37 from, April, '99.

It takes a very small hand to get inside this puppet.  Once in, a puppeteer can get a finger or two into Lambchop’s face.  Lambchop wears a sweatshirt with “LC” circled.


2000 "Baby Bear" Talking Bear puppet.  ©2000 General Creation International Ltd., Kowloon, Hong Kong.  Made in China.  Gift of Sister Joellen, RSCJ, May, '14.

This talking bear has six buttons on the soles of his feet.  Each button tells a sentence or two of TH.  Clever, cuddly, and clear on the story!


1982 Wolf in a Sheepskin puppet.  Sewn in Haiti.  Dakin.  From an unknown source, Nov., '11.

This wolf stands over 12" high.  His sheepskin pulls partly over his head and is fastened around his neck.  I am happily surprised that a major puppet manufacturer would take on an Aesopic story figure.  It almost certainly comes from the phrase "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing," probably used by many unaware of the story behind the phrase.  With his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth, this creature tends to be cuddly rather than wolfish. 


1997 Tortoise and Hare transforming puppet.  Lamaze Infant Development System.  ©1997  Learning Curve Toys.  From an unknown source, May, '12.

A firm oval helps define the two characters.  The hare has blue eyes, pink ears and nose, mostly black and white polka dot fur, and a kind of bib of yellow stars on a blue background.  His four paws extend out from his body.  The tortoise is mostly green, with two strong patterns on his, one of them a checkerboard.

2012 Aesop's Owl.  Kohl's Cares.  ohl's Department Stores, Menominee Falls, WI.  Made in China.  Found on eBay, April, '16.

This owl is regularly listed and advertised as "Aesop's Owl."  However, nothing on the owl uses that name, and nothing I have seen with it further specifies how it is Aesop's owl.  I guess we will have to wonder which fable Kohl's may have had in mind.