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Boxed Old French Story Blocks 5 x 4

1920?   Set of 20 six-sided picture cubes illustrating fables.  Slightly larger than 1" on each cube's side.   In the original box?  "Wolf in Shepherd's Clothing"; "Horse and Mule"; "The Fox and the Goat"; GA, FS; and an image involving a grasshopper and a rabbit.  $34.36 from vali51000 through Ebay, July, '20.

This set of story blocks involves several stories.  It makes use of a common set of chromolithographs from the early 20th century.  One of the blocks has been extensively redone on one side.  One of its images does not immediately bring to my mind a fable: Which fable presents a grasshopper and rabbit?  I made a serious mistake concerning this set.  Shipments from France cost a great deal these days.  I was asking Bertrand Cocq if he would purchase several offerings for me and send them all together with the many cards he was assembling for me, and he graciously agreed.  When his shipment arrived, I missed finding the story blocks I had been looking forward to for many weeks.  They were not there.  I got in touch with the seller to ask what had happened, and the seller immediately wrote back and asked what had happened to payment and the address to which they were to send!  I had mismanaged the deal and was lucky that I could still get this lovely old treasure!