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Publications about this collection

1996 Creighton University Window: Volume 12, Number 3, Spring, 1996. Creighton University. Various artists. Paperbound. Omaha, NE: Creighton University. Gift of Creighton University, April, '96.

This issue of Creighton's magazine includes a five-page article by me and a single-page sidebar by Pam Vaughn. The article, "Fabulous Gift" (4-8) describes the collection at the time and several typical "finds." Pam's sidebar takes up several fables and is gorgeously illustrated by FG from Pierre Barboutau. At the point of publication of the magazine, the collection included some 2400 books, whereas at this writing in 2012, the number is over 7100. Then I had been collecting for some seventeen years. Now it is more like thirty-two years! The article is complemented by lovely photographs of engaging volumes. The magazine's cover is a spectacular composite showing several fable characters arising from the pages of an old book. I am still delighted with the job that Window did!

2005 College & Research Librairies News, September, 2005, Vol. 66 No. 8.  Paperbound.  Chicago: Association of College & Research Libraries.  Gift of the Association to Reinert Alumni Library, Sept., '05.

This monthly journal for librarians includes two features relevant here.  On the T of C page (564) there is a short description of the Carlson Fable Collection.  At the time the collection numbered 3000 books and over 1300 objects.  Books were in 24 languages.  The short article is there because the cover is "The Travellers and the Plane Tree" by Arthur Rackham and was taken from the 1912 book in our collection.

2014 Creighton University Magazine, Spring, 2014.  Including the article "Faith and Fables" (18-23).

One occasion for this article was the publication of the "Now You Know" Lecture Series "Faith and Fables: Understanding the Gospel with Aesop's Fables."  The article displays an array of unusual objects and includes a sidebar "One Fable, Many Stories" on versions of GA.  It can be seen online at

2021 Tiecelijn 34: Jaarboek 14 van het Reynaertgenootschap.  Edited by Rik Van Daele.  Paperbound.  Sint-Niklaas, Belgium: Reynaertgenootschap.  Gift of the Reynaertgenootschap, Nov., '21.

This annual of the Reynard Society has as its theme collecting.  I am delighted that my own article stands first among those presented (13-83).  A particular delight is the way in which various visuals are integrated into the presentation of twelve moments of surprise in my long collecting of fables.  The two appendices are also richly illustrated: "Eleven Other Favorite Books in the Collection" and "Six More Surprising Objects."  Paul Wackers invited me to create this long illustrated article and translated it into Dutch.  Creating the article made for a pleasant stretch of the otherwise unpleasant time of the Covid pandemic.