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Fables From Around the World

2015 The Milkmaid.  Adapted by Ronan Keane.  Illustrations by Leila Elgersma. Hardbound.  Fables from Around the World: Rindle Books Inc.  $6.84 from Amazon, Feb., '19.

Suzette's father will probably let her keep some of the money for taking the milk to market.  She carries two jugs with her arms and thinks her way through an unusually large series of dreams: chickens, a pig, cats, woolen scarves, a cow, and finally a horse.  She and the horse will go galloping through the fields.  The latter dream makes her feel like dancing, but she trips on a root.  "It's good to make plans and think about goals.  But remember to pay attention to what you're doing."  There is a discrepancy here between verbal and visual artists.  For the former she carries one jug, but two for the latter.

2015 The Baboon and the Tortoise.  Adapted by Ronan Keane.  Illustrations by Sasa Gvozdenovic.  Hardbound.  Fables from Around the World: Rindle Books Inc.  $6.99 from Amazon, Feb., '19.

Bosede the Baboon invites Thabo the tortoise to a meal in this replay of FS.  Bosede's meal, Thabo discovers, is up on his tree platform, which Thabo cannot reach.  Bosede insists "Anyone who wants to eat with me must be able to climb."  Bosede even bursts into laughter.  A few days later, Thabo invites Bosede to a meal, and Bosede sets out immediately.  To reach Thabo's hut, he needs to cross a patch of ground that has been scorched by a recent fire.  Thabo insists that his guest Bosede wash his hands before eating.  That scorched earth and a strip of mud are the only paths to the stream, and so Bosede keeps coming back to the meal with dirty hands.  While Bosede makes these fruitless trips, Thabo finishes the food.  "What you do comes back to you."

2015 Beware the Bees.  Adapted by Ronan Keane.  Illustrations by Leila Elgersma.  Hardbound.  Fables from Around the World:  Rindle Books Inc.  $6.99 from Amazon, Feb., '19.

In the pampas of South America, a doe gives birth to the lovely fawn Florita.  She reviews with Florita the deer rules about avoiding things like alligators and poisonous leaves.  As she learns to play on her own, Florita discovers a bee-hive and loves the honey dripping outside it.  Mother warns her but Florita returns to the hive.  Finding no honey, she knocks the hive to get some honey.  Bees sting her all over.  She splashes her face in water, but her eyelids swell up and she cannot open her eyes.  Mother deer searches for her and finds her and takes her to Pedro the animal doctor.  He puts ointment on Florita's eyes and wraps her head in a bandage.  Florita recovers.  "Listen to your parents and follow what they say."  The book's images dress the animals in garb proper to their South American ambience: the images are quite engaging!

2015 Moti Saves the Day.  Adapted by Ronan Keane.  Illustrations by Sophie Leta.  Hardbound.  Fables from Around the World:  Rindle Books Inc.  $4.43 from Amazon, Feb., '19.

This replay of LM happens in Kerala.  A group of mice find an abandoned mouse city and inhabit it, building and rebuilding.  They then love and enjoy their new home.  One day they become aware of a herd of elephants coming to a new watering hole.  The mouse-city lies directly in the elephants' path!  Moti the mouse fetches a red cloth to serve as a signal to stop the elephants.  The lead elephant notices the red flag, stops, and agrees to go by a different route – but all but one of the elephants is promptly caught in the nets of some hunters as traps.  Safi, the only elephant not trapped, runs to the mice to ask for help, and they immediately oblige by coming and gnawing through the nets.  "Kindness is always repaid."  The mice are clothed throughout in charming garb appropriate to India.