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Young Folk's Library

1902 The Animal Story Book

Includes some 11 fables from Aesop and 4 from LaFontaine (and Piers Plowman's "Belling the Cat"). Abundant balck and white illustrations, done by a variety of people: Doré, Fellman?, Prunair?. There are colored illustrations elsewhere in the book.

1902/38/45 The Animal Story Book

With the 1902, 1902/38/52/53, and 1902/38/52/53/55 entries, one can see what happens to one book over the years and decades. Since its appearance in 1902, the book has shed some of its associations with the "Young Folks' Library," and so the early pages of the book have changed. Little else has besides the publisher.

1902/38/52/53 The Animal Story Book

Now there are more changes. Only two colored illustrations remain in the text. The reading selections have been changed after the identical set of fables that appeared in earlier editions. "Young Folks Library" appears only on the spine, not inside the book. The best fable is "The Fox, the Wolf, and the Horse." The best illustration is of the lion, tiger, and fox.

1902/38/52/53/54/55 The Animal Story Book

Now there are dramatic changes in the fable section. Where there had been eleven Aesop's fables, four from LaFontaine, and one from Piers Plowman, there are now only ten Aesop's fables. WL, "The Fox and the Goat," "The Lion, the Tiger, and the Fox," and "The Lion, the Wolf, and the Fox" have been dropped. Two of the LaFontaine's and the one from Piers now appear as Aesop's. The illustrations for these Aesop's are new and simpler. The section of further fables on 29-49 is exactly the same. Then "The Lion on the Bridge" is substituted for "Reynard" on 50-71, but "Androcles" resumes on 72, just as before. My, how these editors worked to save changing a page number on an old printing plate!

1902/91 The Animal Story Book

Includes some eleven fables from Aesop and four from LaFontaine (and Piers Plowman's BC). Abundant black-and-white illustrations, done by a variety of people: Doré, Fellman(?), Prunair(?). Some things have been dropped from the original: the colored illustrations, "Eskimo Dog," the biographical notes, and the suggestions for supplementary reading.

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