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Learning & Development

Direction for Success

At Creighton, continued learning is encouraged and valued. The Professional Development program is designed to nurture and enforce the mission, keep us competitive among area employers and allow the University to grow and evolve. It was designed for staff and administrators to empower you to be fulfilled in your job – whether you seek to be more effective in your current role or aspire to another position within the University.

Creighton's Professional Development Program provides you the necessary tools needed to better understand the University, excel in your job, and develop new skills to grow in your career. The University is dedicated to providing learning opportunities that employees can directly tie into their existing role. Furthering Creighton's mission is the first priority and that starts with a committed and engaged workforce. Invest in yourself now and work with your manager to define your development objectives and determine how they align to your performance objectives.

Leadership roles at the University are vital to its successful operation. The Management Development program provides managers with adequate training and resources to assist in managing day-to-day operations. 

On-going leadership development opportunities include webinars, round tables, and new manager training, which are available several times throughout the year.

Creighton embraces a performance-based culture, reflective of our Jesuit values, which calls for the ongoing formation of all individuals. As we move the University forward, all employees deserve the time for self-reflection and honest, constructive feedback related to their job performance. Open dialogue between supervisors and employees and detailed performance documentation are essential to the process.

Internal Performance Management Training