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Information for Industry and Academic Partners

IRM can assist or direct external partners with questions about licensing, material transfer agreements, or sponsored research.

See the list of Creighton's issued patents and published pending applications that are currently available for licensing.

Creighton IRM helps bring brilliant research discoveries to the marketplace. Our technology transfer services include:

  • Evaluating intellectual property, to determine its commercial viability in the marketplace
  • Assessing the potential for starting a company
  • Locating research funding to help complete a project
  • Arranging for the prosecution of patents
  • Identifying a commercial partner or startup funding and negotiate a future royalty stream
  • Licensing technologies so they can be commercialized
  • Administering royalties

To find out more about your obligations as a Creighton researcher/inventor and for helpful resources, follow the links below.

  • Agreements
    • Material Transfer Agreements (MTA)
    • Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreement (CDA/NDA)
    • License Agreement
  • Procedures
    • Step by step
    • Creighton University royalty split

Creighton IRM helps bring brilliant research discoveries to the marketplace. For industry and business, our technology transfer services include:

  • Providing non-confidential information about Creighton University's intellectual property
  • Negotiating confidentiality and material transfer agreements for projects
  • Negotiating licensing agreements that are mutually satisfactory for all parties involved

Licensing a Creighton Technology

Those interested in licensing Creighton technology(ies) should contact Intellectual Resource Management at Creighton.

  1. The initial licensing discussions between IRM and an interested business typically involve the following:
    1. Licensee's objectives, needs and constraints
    2. Creighton's objectives, needs, and constraints:
      1. Commercial development
      2. Constraints associated with federally-funded intellectual property
      3. Share in financial return from our investment
      4. Management of potential conflict of interest
    3. High-level discussion regarding terms of the license:
      1. Field(s) of use
      2. Territory
      3. Exclusivity
      4. Duration
      5. Sublicensing
      6. Reimbursement of patent fees
      7. Royalties (royalty rate, minimum payments, etc.)
      8. Equity (if a start-up company)
      9. Diligence milestones (if appropriate)
  2. Businesses may be required to sign Confidentiality Agreements and/or Material Transfer Agreements.
  3. Successful licensing negotiations and discussions are concluded with the signing of a Licensing Agreement.

IRM Consulting

IRM provides intellectual property management services to businesses interested in licensing, developing, marketing and selling intellectual property originating at Creighton University or elsewhere. Following are the types of services we offer:

  • Business plan development
  • Patentability reviews
  • Prior art searches
  • Marketing consultation
  • Market analysis

Industries/businesses interested in IRM's intellectual property management consulting services should contact Stuart Martens, IRM-TTO Director, at 402-280-3653.

IRM TTO Projects

Some of the exciting projects IRM is currently working on include:

  • A novel variant of a human estrogen receptor that shows promise in the treatment of breast cancer
  • A genetic mutation that causes high bone mass
  • Several discoveries that would aid in the identification of drug-resistant bacteria
  • A method to restore hearing in many who have suffered hearing loss
  • Endoscopic surgery tools that will greatly expand the uses for incisionless surgery

View a complete list of available technologies on our Procedures page.

Industries/businesses interested in licensing opportunities should contact Stuart Martens, IRM-TTO Director, at 402-280-3653.