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Why HAP?

  • Interdisciplinary study: Social Science, Business, Healthcare
  • Knowledge of the healthcare environment
  • Healthcare systems and organizations
  • Communication and relationship Management
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Assessment, development, planning & analysis
  • Finance and budgeting
  • Professionalism

HAPSA Executive Committee Elections

Want to become a leader and more involved in the HAP major? Consider running for an executive position! All positions are available.  All we need from you is a completed application to be eligible. We will be collecting information from individuals running, holding a general election and announcing the results all during the month of April. 

Here are the positions:

  • President - Plans and facilitates HAPSA and executive meetings, delegates tasks and handles meeting notes, emails the list serves about upcoming events, meets and speaks with prospective and current students
  • VP of Programming - Contacts and networks with potential speakers and helps plan other HAPSA events, updates the HAPSA Facebook page about upcoming events
  • VP of Administration and Marketing - Handles paperwork and facilitating marketing of meetings and events for HAPSA, takes and distributes the minutes at Exec meetings, reserves rooms for HAPSA events, produces the HAP Newsletter once a semester
  • VP of Finance & Alumni Relations- Handles HAPSA finances and student organization funds with Creighton Federal; plans potential fundraising events; compiles, organizes, and updates the Creighton University HAP Alumni document
  • VP of Membership Development - Recruits members by visiting HAP 200 courses, recruits at the student involvement fairs, meets and speaks with prospective and current HAPSA members
  • VP of Information Technology - Completes website training, updates website regularly, manages HAP and HAPINTEREST list serves, takes and adds names from events to list serves, assists in the production of the HAP Newsletter once a semester

Contact Information

Susan Walsh, MHSA, RN, FACHE
Director, Health Administration and Policy Program
Assistant Professor, Department of Cultural and Social Studies

Phone: 402.280.3288

Learn More

Read about the Health Administration field and its tremendous growth projected over the next twenty years in the Bureau of Labor Statistics' summary for Medical and Health Service Managers.