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Fine and Performing Arts

Unleash Your Potential.

Since 1954, the Department of Fine and Performing Arts at Creighton University has educated students in the arts, both visual and performing. While our offerings, programs, courses, and faculty have grown over the years, our core educational mission remains the same - to unleash each individual student's artistic potential in performance, creation, or scholarship.

The Department offers undergraduate degrees in Art History, Classical and Near Eastern Studies, Dance, Music, Musical Theatre, Studio Art and Theatre, and we prepare students for a variety of post-graduate options, including performing, education, graduate studies, administration, technical work and even the health sciences.

The department of Fine and Performing Arts also celebrates its place in the Omaha arts community, collaborating often with other professional companies, educational organizations, and non-profits.  Its award-winning faculty can be seen in all facets of regional artistic endeavors.

Change How You See, See How You Change / Positive Exposure by Rick Guidotti

Positive Exposure by Rick Guidotti

September 8 - October 6

Opening Reception
Friday, September 8, 4-6 p.m.