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Curriculum and Major Information

Curriculum and Major

Psychology is one of the most popular undergraduate majors at Creighton University. Psychology courses provide insight into the full range of human behaviors, thoughts, and emotions. Our course offerings not only cover the main topic areas of psychology, but a variety of specialty courses as well. Internship courses and independent research courses provide students with valuable opportunities to apply their knowledge outside of the classroom.

Our mission is, in part, to foster the development of critical thinking skills, oral and written communication skills, as well as the ability to conduct research and statistical analyses.

The psychology major provides an excellent foundation for further educational and career endeavors. Our psychology majors routinely pursue masters or doctoral degrees in various areas of psychology (e.g., counseling/clinical, educational/school, cognitive, development, forensic, social, physiological, industrial/organizational). Many of our majors pursue professional training in the health professions (medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, physical therapy, occupational therapy), in law, or business (advertising, marketing, accounting). Others pursue advanced degrees in other psychology-related fields, such as social work or human resources.

A minor in Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience is particularly relevant to individuals interested in the biological sciences and related careers. The goal of the minor is to provide a balanced, synthesized, and integrated view of what we know about the brain and its relation to cognition and behavior.