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State Licensing Requirements - Licensure Information for Bachelor of Social Work Degrees

The Department of Education federal regulation rules require that ALL programs that lead to professional licensure or certification must disclose publicly information regarding whether completion of such program meets licensure/certification requirements in each state. As an accredited CSWE program, Creighton's Social Work program meets the educational requirements for all states in which a BSW-level licensure/certification is available.

Most states offer licensure or certification for social work practice at the bachelor level. Requirements vary by state; however, because Creighton's program is accredited by CSWE, all graduates of the program meet the educational requirements for licensure/certification.

If you are considering applying for licensure upon graduation and are double majoring, it will be important for you to list Social Work as your primary major for degree conferral as most states require a BSW degree. Nearly all states require some form of background check upon licensure application as well. If you have any criminal or disciplinary history, we encourage you to check with your state's requirements to ensure you are eligible for licensure.

We know that this information can be overwhelming and confusing, so please contact Cathy Fox ( or Monica White ( with questions.

(Information is updated annually. Last update: June 1, 2022.)

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