CSU Cabinet


The CSU Cabinet is composed of the presidents of the student governments of the Graduate School, Medical School, Law School, School of Pharmacy and Health Professions, Dental School, Heider College of Business, College of Nursing, College of Arts and Sciences, and College of Professional Studies. The Cabinet meets every month and acts as the Board of Directors for CSU.

Current Members:

College of Arts and Sciences Senate
Kathy Marinelli
CASS Website

Creighton Medical School Government [CMSG]
Elizabeth Null
CMSG Website

Dental Student Union [DSU]
Matt Murphy
DSU Website

Graduate School Government [GSG]
Maffofou Nkenyi Leonce
GSG Website

Heider Business Senate [HBS]
Katie Ford
HBS Website

Non-Traditional Student Union [NTSU]
Kate Swinarski
NTSU Website

Nursing Senate [NS]
Danielle Wellendorf
Nursing Senate Website

Pharmacy & Health Professions Student Government [PHPSG]
Brent Oswald
PHPSG Website

Student Bar Association [SBA]
Shayla Slaymaker
Law School Website