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Reporting Options

The University encourages the reporting of all incidents of sexual and relationship misconduct. Deciding whether to report an incident is a personal and often difficult decision. There are options available to you in this decision process and individuals can choose any or all of the following options. The Office of Title IX and Civil Rights Compliance will respond to all reports promptly in order to provide you with options and resources.

Resource Guide

To learn more about Title IX, please view the Title IX Resource Guide.

All faculty and all staff with supervisory or leadership responsibilities or responsibilities related to student welfare are required to report acts or allegations of harassment, discrimination, sexual misconduct, relationship misconduct, crimes, and concerning and/or disruptive student behaviors.

Faculty and staff who have knowledge of an incident of harassment, discrimination, sexual, and/or relationship misconduct are required to report that information to the Office of Title IX and Civil Rights Compliance.

Reports can be made via the "Online Reporting Form" button at the top right of this page, by calling the Office of Title IX and Civil Rights Compliance at (402) 280-3189, or by emailing

Full Policy

FAQ On Reporting

On-campus Options

Violence Intervention and Prevention Center

  • The Violence Intervention and Prevention (VIP) Center provides free, confidential advocacy for students, faculty, and staff.  Confidential advocacy gives individuals a safe space to learn about all their options and resources so they can make fully informed choices about what to do next.  The Center is open Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm; appointments or walk-ins are welcome. 
  • Call: 402.280.3794 or email
  • Violence Intervention and Prevention Center

Student Counseling Services

  • Student Counseling Services in the Center for Health and Counseling provides free, confidential counseling to students at Creighton University.
  • Call: 402.280.2256
  • Student Counseling Services

Employee Assistance Program

  • The Employee Assistance Program provides professional counseling, information, and referral services to faculty, staff and their families. The program offers confidential consultation on a wide variety of personal, family and/or work-related problems that may contribute to high levels of stress and interfere with health and work performance.
  • Call: 402.424.4831

Off-campus Options

Women's Center for Advancement

  • The Women's Center for Advancement provides confidential advocacy to anyone in the Omaha community who has experienced sexual and/or relationship misconduct.
  • 24 Hour Crisis Line 402.345.7273
  • Women's Center for Advancement

Family Advocacy Center (FAC) (Phoenix)

  • The FAC serves as one central location for victims of violence to receive a wide range of services. Through partnerships with community-based organizations and other City departments, the FAC provides comprehensive victim advocacy, counseling, case management, support groups forensic medical examinations, and investigative interviews.
  • Call: 602.534.2120 |

National Human Trafficking Hotline

National Sexual Assault Hotline

  • Call: 800.656.HOPE (4673)

National Teen Dating Abuse Hotline

  • Call: 866.331.9474

National Domestic Violence Hotline

  • Call: 800.799.SAFE (7233)

The Office of Title IX and Civil Rights Compliance

  • The Office of Title IX and Civil Rights Compliance oversees reports of sexual and relationship misconduct at Creighton University. Individuals have informal or formal options for reporting incidents to the University.  To make a report to the Office of Title IX and Civil Rights Compliance, please call 402.280.3189, email

"Tell Someone" Reporting Form

  • The Tell Someone reporting form allows members of the Creighton Community to report harassment, discrimination, grievances, or concerning behavior. Users must log in with a NetID and Blue password to utilize this form. The information users provide will be private and Creighton staff members who receive this form have signed a non-disclosure agreement, committing them to maintain the highest level of privacy.  This form should NOT be used to report an emergency.
  • If you need to report an emergency, please call Public Safety at 402.280.2911.


  • Creighton University has selected NAVEX Global's EthicsPoint third-party hotline service to provide a simple way to report activities that may involve misconduct, violations of laws and regulations or Creighton University policy. In situations where you prefer to place an anonymous report in confidence, you are encouraged to file a report or use this hotline by dialing 855.256.0478.

Office of Civil Rights (OCR)

  • The Office of Civil Rights within the U.S. Department of Education oversees and responds to all complaints of harassment or discrimination under Title IX.
  • Call: 800.421.3481 |

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

Nebraska Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (NEOC)

Arizona Office of Equal Opportunity

All individuals have the right to report an incident to law enforcement. For confidential assistance in filing a report with local authorities, please contact the VIP Center at 402.280.3794 or

Amnesty for Reporting Parties and Witnesses

Creighton University encourages the reporting of harassment, discrimination, sexual and/or relationship misconduct by victims and witnesses. In order to reduce barriers to reporting, the University offers amnesty from minor policy and/or code of conduct violations related to the incident to reporting parties and witnesses.