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Twice a semester, students head outside of the city of Santiago to one of the nearly 200 rural communities in which ILAC works.  

During their time in the campo, students live in solidarity with their new host families in order to learn first hand the realities of life in the Dominican countryside. They also work side by side with their community on a development project that helps accomplish ILAC's mission of providing a healthy and dignified life for Dominican campesinos.

Through their time with family and the hard work of their project, students learn the lessons of simplicity, openness to new things, and most importantly, unconditional love. All the while, they also show the marginalized members of Dominican society that they have not been forgotten or forsaken, and are able to provide them with life-changing advancements to their communities.

Past Encuentro Campo Projects Include:

  • Building an Aqueduct in Palo de Indio, La Jagua and Los Cayucos
  • Building a Greenhouse in Sabaneta and Venú
  • Making Repairs to a School in Los Conocones
  • Building Cement Floors and Latrines in La Vereda
A student interacting with children in a Dominican campo
From ridiculously sugary campo coffee to authentic Dominican meals (rice and beans siempre), we embraced the many simple things Las Cruces had to offer. However, in time, our experience grew to encompass many profound moments and memories that will stay with us forever.

When Will You Encuentro?