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Visiting J-1 Scholars

Creighton University is proud to participate as a designated sponsor in the Exchange Visitor Program (J visa) governed by the U.S. Department of State. The program was created to "promote mutual understanding between the people of the United States and other countries by means of educational and cultural exchange." To learn more about how the Department of State runs the Exchange Visitor Program, please watch a short video and/or read the information posted on their website.

The Global Engagement Office (GEO) administers Creighton University's Exchange Visitor Program, also known as "Visiting Scholars Program."  Only the Responsible Officer (RO) and the Alternate Responsible Officer (ARO) may sign the immigration documents (Form DS-2019), and are responsible to safeguard all forms issued to the sponsor by the Department of State

All matters pertaining to the Exchange Visitor Scholar Program must be brought to the attention of the Global Engagement Office at or 402.280.2221.

Host / Sponsoring departments must complete the steps below and submit all documentation to the Global Engagement Office before inviting a visiting scholar. Please consult with the GEO before inviting the scholar to make sure the candidate is eligible.  

  1. Complete Request for a Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor
    1. Host/sponsoring departments must provide evidence of financial support (either Creighton funds or outside funding) for all the scholar’s expenses (including additional financial support for any accompanying family members).
  2. Complete proof of English Language Proficiency
    1. Host/sponsoring departments must determine that the visiting scholar has the appropriate credentials as well as sufficient English language proficiency.
  3. Complete Export Control Questionnaire
    1. The U.S. government regulates the transfer of information, commodities, technology, and software considered to be strategically important to the U.S. in the interest of national security, economic and/or foreign policy concerns. There is a complicated network of federal agencies and inter-related regulations that govern exports collectively referred to as Export Controls. Export Controls have the potential to severely limit the research opportunities of university faculty and their students and staff, as well as to prevent international collaboration in certain research areas. Non-compliance with export controls can result in severe monetary and criminal penalties against both an individual as well as the university, and can result in the loss of research contracts, governmental funding, and the ability to export items.
      To ensure compliance with export controls, it is critically important for university personnel to identify when their activities may trigger export controls. When export controls apply, individuals must take the appropriate steps to obtain any required governmental licenses, monitor and control access to restricted information, and safeguard all controlled materials. 
  4. Once all documents have been completed, please return to the Global Engagement office in Creighton Hall, Room 324 or send to

Host/sponsoring departments determine the objectives and requirements for their program. To take part in Creighton University's Exchange Visitor Program, an applicant must contact sponsoring/host departments directly.  GEO can only accept inquiries and application forms from sponsoring departments. 

Once the sponsoring department has submitted all required documents, personnel from GEO will contact the applicant directly to obtain any additional financial documents required by federal regulations to complete the process. 

It is important for J-1 Visiting Scholars to meet certain obligations to maintain legal immigration status. Maintaining status is necessary to receive the benefits of J-1 status in the future, such as applying for a change of status, if needed. Below are some additional resources to help you maintain your J-1 status:

  1. Information for J-1 Visiting Scholars
  2. Program Extension
  3. Rights and Protection for Temporary Workers (Wilberforce Pamphlet)
  4. Exchange Visitor Program Welcome Brochure