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The Environmental Science Club is an organization that helps students interested in environmental science explore potential career opportunities while promoting environmental education and sustainable practices in an engaging manner both on Creighton’s campus and within the broader Omaha community. We plan on bringing in career advisors, Creighton Environmental Science Alumni, and speakers from the Omaha area to help our fellow majors develop into the passionate scientists of tomorrow.

A student organization with the mission of increasing awareness and activism for environmental and sustainability issues. We seek to initiate and facilitate change and discussion regarding these topics here on Creighton University’s campus, as well as encourage political advocacy on local and state levels. In line with Creighton’s Jesuit values, being a person for the environment means being a person for others. We aim to care for our environment and improve the quality of life for all who inhabit it.

As students educated in a Jesuit University in the Jesuit tradition, we are aware that a unique aspect of our education lies within the University's commitment to the promotion of justice. We have been afforded the privilege of gaining skills and knowledge to prosper in the world. However, we recognize that with this privilege comes great responsibility. In an increasingly interdependent global community, our political and economic decisions in the First World have profound results in developing countries. Thus, our goal as the Peace and Justice Cooperative is to align the Jesuit values surrounding social justice and solidarity with the poor together with our daily actions and consumer choices as individual members of this institution and as a University. Moreover, we are committed to educating the whole Creighton community about the importance of such alignment and the issues raised in our research and experience. In educating the whole Creighton community, we created a Creighton Fair Trade Resolution that has been approved and recognized by every administrative governing body on campus.

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