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For Community Members

Hello there! Welcome to YOUR website!

You read that correctly—the Creighton University at Highlander is a location built on improving and growing community engagement skills, and on nurturing community partnerships. We do our work with an asset-based community development model in mind; meaning we think everyone has gifts, and we hope that through our partnerships, we will combine our gifts to create opportunities that enhance this wonderful community!


At this time, Creighton University at Highlander is not accepting reservation or space requests. We will share more information on a reopening plan in the future. Please see our neighbors, The Venue, for more information to host an event.

We do this growing and nurturing in three ways

  1. Training. Taking the lessons, we have learned from our community partners our Director and Assistant Director create opportunities for Creighton faculty, students, and staff, and other community health professionals to learn about and participate in culturally-responsive community engagement.
  2. Educational opportunities. Throughout the year, Creighton University at Highlander faculty, students, and staff, along with other members of the community, will provide educational activities for you and your family. These activities focus on strengthening the lives of you and your community in many ways. We address mental health, physical health, economic wellbeing, educational growth, interpersonal connections, and legal support. These events are open to all who are interested; and are usually free. Please follow us on social media, or stop by our offices, to hear about what is going on.
  3. Community Development/Capacity Building through true partnership. As we have worked in the community, we have heard the message loud and clear: “Nothing for us, without us”; you say you want to be a part of the planning of events; you said you want to create paths for your friends and family members to learn important skills; and you say that it’s very important that anyone who enters your community, enters with respect, humility and a willingness to learn from the wisdom of the community. Because of this, we have set a goal to work side-by-side with our community partners to create opportunities in our space that not only respond to the needs YOU have identified, but also give us opportunity to learn FROM you how to be a better partner.

So, what does this mean for you? Here are a few examples.

  • This means that you are always welcomed to give us feedback. This feedback might show up as suggestion boxes, surveys, “really walls”, or something else. We promise that every comment/idea/suggestion will be read, considered, and when possible, added to a future event.
  • This means you will be invited to community events throughout the year. We promise to keep trying to host events on topics that you have identified as important to your family and community, which experts who pay attention to your real-life experience.
  • This means that, our teams may be travelling to your organization to co-host events, if we are invited. We know that, sometimes, you want to learn about/talk about important issues in a place that feels safe, so we promise to show up unafraid to your spaces.
  • This means you or your loved ones may be invited to serve as an advisory board member. We promise to try to lift up your voices and highlight your gifts.
  • This means you may have access to professional development opportunities: you or your family member may be invited to be a member of a research, educational, or evaluation team. We promise to help you translate your gifts into skills you might use in service of your community, your family, and your future.