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School of Medicine Leadership

School of Medicine Administrators

Creighton University School of Medicine maintains a reputation of excellence in educating students and physicians, advancing knowledge, and providing comprehensive patient care. This reputation is greatly influenced by our team of outstanding leaders who are dedicated to improving the human condition through medicine.


Bo Dunlay smiling

Robert W . Dunlay, MD
Dean and Professor


Jason Bartz

Jason C. Bartz, PhD

Daniel Castellanos

Daniel Castellanos, MD

Claudia Chambers

Claudia S. Chambers, MD

Michael Del Core

Michael G. Del Core, MD

Cassie Eno

Cassie A. H. Eno, PhD

Mark Fischione

Mark A. Fischione, MD

Daniel Gridley

Daniel G. Gridley, MD

Ronn Johnson

Ronn Johnson, PhD

Nicole Piemonte

Nicole Piemonte, PhD

Randall Pritza

Randall Pritza, MD

Jaya Raj

Jaya M. Raj, MD

Jyotsna Ranga

Jyotsna Sreenivas Ranga, MD

Randy Richardson

Randy R. Richardson, MD

James Rodenbiker

James Rodenbiker, MSW

Jessica Seaman

Jessica Seaman, EdD

Ray Stoupa

Ray L. Stoupa

Thomas Svolos

Thomas M. Svolos, MD

Maureen Tierney

Maureen R. Tierney, MD, MS

Renuga Vivekanandan

Renuga Vivekanandan, MD

  • Assistant Dean, Strategy & Accreditation - Infectious Disease Division Chief
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David Wisinger

David B. Wisinger, MD

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