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Medical Student Education

Creighton University Diagnostic Radiology Elective is designed for both medical students who are considering pursuing a career in the field of Diagnostic Radiology and also for other students wanting to gain a better understanding of how radiology fits into other fields of medicine.

The rotation is designed to give a broad general exposure to radiology and the subspecialties within the field of radiology. We allow students to tailor their experience during their rotation to best fit their interests and educational needs. Students will spend time on the Bergan-Mercy campus in an inpatient hospital setting. They will participate in workstation read-outs in neuroradiology, musculoskeletal radiology, body imaging, mammography, and cardiothoracic radiology. Our goal is to review basic anatomy and pathology on various imaging modalities within the major radiology subspecialties. Emphasis on ordering the correct imaging examination, as defined by ACR appropriateness criteria, and awareness of radiation exposure of various imaging tests are also discussed. Students will gain an understanding of how various tests are performed and better understand the patient experience by also spending time with radiology technologists on their rotation.

There are two daily lectures to supplement student’s learning experience which are inclusive of the learning objectives set forth by the AMSER, the Alliance of Medical Student Educators in Radiology. Students are expected to give a presentation at the end of the rotation.

Our primary goal of Diagnostic Radiology Elective is for medical students to enjoy learning about the field of radiology and to provide the best educational experience for each individual student’s interests and educational needs.