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Small, but Mighty

Kelsey -  “Ella’s journey started with a stay in the NICU due to breathing problems. The neonatologist soon discovered that Ella’s oxygen levels dropped very low with feedings. With a planned visit with ENT and pediatric GI on board, we were sent home. At 2 weeks of age I noticed that she was eating less than a typical baby and was choking/gasping while eating. I have 6 years of L&D nursing under my belt and knew this was a big cause for concern. After 3 days at Children’s Hospital for dehydration we knew we needed to do something.

I had worked with Lisa through Creighton Pediatric Therapy with another child and I knew if anyone could help us it was Lisa and her team. With weekly visits from 3 weeks of age, Lisa has helped us navigate through this difficult journey. From an NG tube, to another hospitalization/surgery, we were at the end of our rope. Lisa stuck with us and not only cared for Ella, but our entire family. It has not been easy for anyone involved, but Ella is able to drink her bottle well and has progressed to eating purée foods like a champ. Weekly PT was added to help Ella‘s development and Kate and her team have worked wonders. At 7 months of age Creighton Pediatric Therapy is now family to Ella. Thank you for your hard work, compassion, and perseverance.”

Katina - “I was so impressed with the progress my child was making in feeding therapy that I decided to start him in OT, speech, and PT here as well. All of the therapists are very patient with my child and adapt their teaching strategies to his developmental level. It has also taught me a great deal and has given me tools to work with him at home.” 

Mikki - “Stacy is amazing with my child. I appreciate all that she does!”

Sara - “Lisa is wonderful. She listens to us and addresses our concerns. Her practical suggestions for home have helped improve our son’s growth and development. My son loves to see her! We have tried other clinics/providers and she is the only one he connects with.”

Megan - “Everyone is courteous and friendly. We love the new space!” 

Jaime (about our previous pediatric PT resident)​ - ​“Kaity has been wonderful with my child. I appreciate the way she interacts and works with her and feel that now her physical strength and abilities have improved, along with her confidence. We will both miss Kaity!” 

Christina - “Kelly is amazing. I was pleased and very impressed.”  

Jennifer - “Stacy and Kaity are so great to work with. I always appreciate the conversations we have.”  

Lindsay - “We had an exceptional experience with Kelly. She was personal and attentive and truly cared!”  

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