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Building a Professional Network

There are several ways to find professionals to build your network depending on your field of interest, your current network, and your comfort level. There are two pieces to consider when finding professionals: 1) how to find the person, and 2) how to find their contact information. When identifying a candidate, it is helpful to identify a common connection. Below are a few options.

Your Network

Who do you already know in an informal way that you could set up a more professional meeting or conversation with? Perhaps the person is a family member, parent of a friend, teacher, or acquaintance at church.


This professional networking site can help you search for and connect with individuals that share a commonality. To find alumni contacts, for example, you can use the Alumni Tool. When you find a relevant contact, you can either connect with them directly or search for their contact information on the internet or by using CareerShift (see below).


A national database of company and individual contact information, this service is paid for by the Career Center and free to students. After creating an account, search for professionals under the "My Contacts" tab. Similar to LinkedIn, a great way to search is by selecting the geographic area of interest, industry, and/or company.


A national database of companies, executives, and healthcare providers that can be sorted by Metro Area, Industry, School Attended, etc. You can pair this resource with LinkedIn and CareerShift to find specific contacts at the companies/organizations.


Managed by the Career Center, this site is used to search internships, jobs, career events, and interview sign-ups. As a result, it has a database of employers who are open to hiring Creighton students and alumni, which you can access by clicking "Employers" under the Jobs tab. If a contact is not listed for a particular company, contact the Career Center for contact information.

John P. Fahey Career Center

If you are unable to find a suitable professional, are unable to connect, or don't know how to find someone's contact information, the Career Center staff is another great resource. Call 402.280.2722 or stop by Harper 2015 to let us know how we can help you.

Sample Networking Email:

Dear Ms. Jones,

I am a senior at Creighton University and will graduate in May with my BSBA in Finance. I saw on LinkedIn that you also graduated from Creighton and have been successful in the investment banking field. I was wondering if you would be willing to speak with me over the phone, via email, or in person about your experiences and any advice you have about entering the investment banking industry? I appreciate any help you might be able to provide.


Billy BlueJay