Dave Weaver
University Communications and Marketing Photographer


We visually capture the Creighton experience and the value of a Jesuit education to support marketing and advertising for the University's print and web materials. Our photography services primarily focus on projects that support student recruitment and raise the profile of the University.

To request a photo shoot for use in University marketing and communications materials, please complete a photography request.

We do our best to accommodate all requests, but photo shoots that occur outside of work hours (8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.) may be outsourced to a third party with possible costs attributed. See Additional Photographer Options below.

Headshots (Omaha and Phoenix)

Headshots (Omaha and Phoenix)


To schedule a headshot photo in Omaha, please submit a Photography Request.

To schedule a headshot photo in Phoenix, please contact:

Mike Paulson
Paulson Photo/Graphic
602.799.7471 call or text

An individual portrait at the studio is $96. This includes photography, a digital proof via email, retouching of one selected picture and delivery attached to email and uploaded to Photoshelter. Group rate is also available for $160 per hour (with a one-hour minimum) plus $36 per person.



PhotoShelter is a secure archive of many of the University's photographs.

Frequently Asked Questions

• How do I access PhotoShelter?

Go online to creightonuniversity.photoshelter.com and click on “Login”.

If you have a creighton.edu email address:

  1. Click on the Internal Login button.
  2. Sign in with your Creighton account information.

If you do not have a creighton.edu email address, select “Use our public login” to request access.

• How do I locate images within PhotoShelter?
Two way to search:

  1. Click on Search and enter a keyword(s).
  2. Browse photos using the Invited Galleries.

• What are the usage rights for photos on the site?
Photos are for University use only. Photos cannot be used for any outside advertising or personal use.

• Once photos have been taken, when are they available for use?
We do our best to prepare photos for use as quickly as possible, but please allow for up to two weeks.

Images for Public Use

Images for Public Use

We strive to make the Creighton experience as accessible as possible to everyone. Below is a collection of images free for download and public use that capture the essence and spirit of Creighton’s campus.

CreightonPhoto_1   CreightonPhoto_2   CreightonPhoto_3   CreightonPhoto_4   CreightonPhoto_5   CreightonPhoto_6   CreightonPhoto_7   CreightonPhoto_8   CreightonPhoto_9   CreightonPhoto_10   CreightonPhoto_11  

  Click on an image then after it pops up, right click on it and choose your option to save it or make it your background image.

Additional Photographer Options

Additional Photographer Options

If we cannot accommodate your photography needs, we recommend the following photographers who are familiar with the Creighton University brand.

Bob Ervin
Bob Ervin has 30+ years of experience. He is available to photograph events during nights and weekends; however, he is not available Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Pricing: $150 first hour fee + lower rate for additional hours

Jim Fackler
Jim Fackler has worked with Creighton since 2008.
Pricing: $150 first hour fee + lower rate for additional hours

Ford Jacobsen
Former photographer at Creighton University, Ford Jacobsen brings over 20 years experience taking photographs at Creighton.
Pricing: 1-hour event: $125; 2-hour event: $225; 3-hour event: $300; 4-hour event: $375; Full day (8 hours): $650

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