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Department of Chemistry Goals & Objectives

  • Students will appreciate chemistry and biochemistry for their intrinsic aesthetic value.
  • Students will understand the ways chemists and biochemists describe and model the behavior and properties of matter.
  • Students will have knowledge of the fundamental principles and contemporary practices of chemistry and biochemistry, and will be able to use them to investigate, explain, and predict new phenomena.
  • Students will be aware of the application of scientific principles, particularly those of chemistry and biochemistry, to societal issues.
  • The Department faculty will be a community of teacher/scholars.
  • The Department will be a scholarly community in which faculty, staff, and students actively participate, in both formal and informal venues. The Department will be an active participant in the scientific community beyond the department.
  • Students will behave in an ethical manner.
  • Students will develop a commitment to a life of learning.

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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
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